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We are Hiking the USA


We just finished our 2018 Wellness Tour where we met and talked to so many great folks.  We visited and hiked in many of the USA National/State Parks and Treasures as well as other interesting sites. Besides the challenges of traveling, we are also living a Plant-Based Lifestyle, so have surmounted some challenges when it comes to dining, restaurants and hotel/motel accommodations.


Our Trip details will be available on our travel site: Plant Based Road Trip so drop by.  Pictures will be posted as I can get them organized; we have hundreds!  Click on our picture of follow the highlighted link above to check us out. 


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Doctors, Nutritionists and Others tell You WHAT

You should be eating to improve your health.

WE show you HOW to do it and make it DELICIOUS!



NOW is the time to learn about how you can eat healthier and avoid foods that may damage your immune system and overall Health & Wellness!  Learn how to utilize available healthy and nutritious foods to revitalize your health, energy levels and overall quality of life!  Learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals without breaking the bank!  Yes, it can be very cost effective and even cheaper to prepare your meals with Whole Plant Based Foods!


We Educate and Motivate


Chef Nancy has developed a complete lifestyle program over the years and want to help you transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle.  Heart disease, cancer, diabetes 2 and more are pervasive and so much can be prevented and/or reversed.  Chef Nancy has her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition (Cornell) and we promote and teach Health and Wellness.


Heart patients, diabetics and cancer patients are often told to change their diets, eat more fiber and vegetables.  Studies show that adopting a Plant Based Diet can often stop and, in many cases, reverse heart ailments, reduce blockage and inflammation.  We help teach them HOW to do that while continuing to enjoy a wondrous variety of DELICIOUS Whole Foods.


For Companies, sick employees are NOT productive.  Healthy People are Happy People!  More productive and contribute more to the energy and creativity that produces profits.  Think of instituting a corporate health program!


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Learn How to Enjoy Delicious Healthy Meals


We often hear that a plant based lifestyle, as recommended for both prevention and reversal of many diseases is so hard because the food doesn't taste good. That could NOT be further from the truth. It all depends on What you Eat, how your prepare it and what you like.  There is nothing about a plant based food that cannot be delicious; the fact that it is actually good for you is a wonderful benefit!


Then there is the cost factor. We estimate, in general, an overall savings of about 30% on your monthly grocery bill! Not too bad if you want to save money as well as your life! Try it, what have you got to loose, besides some unwanted poundage, cholesterol, clogged arteries and lethargy?



We offer Lifestyle Training and assistance to help guide you to a healthier, Longer and more Vital Life!  We want You to live a longer, but more vibrant and aware LIFE.  Really, it IS pretty easy once you understand that this is NOT a diet but a lifestyle change that both energizes and helps prevent disease.  In many/most cases it can Reverse and Prevent disease and help you get off most/all medications.


Chef Nancy

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell Foundation through Cornell University


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