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We are Chef Nancy and Skip Stein and manage Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, where we offer a number of web sites, Pinterest Boards, FaceBook Groups & Pages as well as articles revolving about Health & Wellness.  While we do this as a way to 'Pay it Forward' for all our blessings, we subsist mainly on our monthly Social Security.  This makes paying for all the web sites, software and services we require to create, maintain and monitor all these sites/pages very difficult.  A partial list of the sites we maintain are found in the footer of these and other site pages.


Chef Nancy and I (Skip) spend about 6 to 10 hours a day online in support of these efforts.  When not on-line, we are providing information, giving free presentations or attending no-fee health events around Central Florida, writing articles and creating recipes that Chef Nancy freely offers in her FaceBook Group.


We have tried to create services that people might want to pay for, but most do not.  Besides those few classes that people sign-up and pay for (none so far in 2017), we don't receive any compensation for our efforts.  Having been at this for almost 8 years, we find that we need some help to keep it all going.  We, like everyone else, need to pay the bills, pay our property taxes and buy food!


We are asking for some modest contributions to enable us to continue our efforts.  If you appreciate our efforts and gain value from our information could we ask for a donation?  While we would really appreciate a continuing donation monthly, a onetime offering would be well appreciated.


I have set up a PayPal bottons to make it easy.   So, if you can find it in your hearts and pockets to provide us some help, we would REALLY appreciate the offering.


Any Donation Will Help us Continue our Work
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If you prefer and are a member of Patreon, We can accept Donations there as well:

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These are just a few of our free offerings and web sites.  See the Footer of this and our other web sites for more.

20,000 + Recipes & Information

Cooking Demonstration Videos


Restoring America's Health


Healing Stronger Support Group for Health & Wellness


You can also help by purchasing Chef Nancy's Book


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