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This site will hopefully form an activist focus that concentrates on promoting Health & Wellness in the USA (and elsewhere), through political/peaceful opposition to idiotic bureaucratic rules and regulations.  We focus on promoting education and information exchange relating to Holistic Health and Wellness and how it may work in conjunction to allopathic traditional medical treatments. Visit Vegan Conservatives!

108 Reasons to Say No to Dairy Products

Nancy's New Favorite Chef and Cook Book Discovery for 2014 

Watch Nancy as she prepares her Vegan Mock Tuna

Filmed/presented at Good Samaritan Village, Kissimmee Florida.

The Healthy Vegan Pyramid

David Meinz, Watch a sample video from a Nutritionist with a great sense of humor!

Alternative News Project

It is not just about information—it is about the building of a global community through the distribution of information. The ANP is the first time that independent thinkers of the world (i.e. you) have a centralised location not only to see more of what is going on in your world than ever before, but where you also have the opportunity to send alternative news and information from anywhere across the globe.


"My Vitamin B12 Dilemma by Christina Pirello"


These 'foods' are KILLING YOU!

Chart Courtesy of Paula Owens

The Pyramid of Doom, Disease and Death!

Kathleen overcomes the challenges of malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, TB, diabetes, the side effects of the HIV/AIDS combination drugs, and poverty using nutrition including MoringaVita tm and VerdeVita tmHealing foods (exclusive foods that Kathleen has formulated specifically for this use), the Health Alive! nutritional supplements, and educational programmes.


Naked Food Magazine is a great way to find information about Whole Foods and Health.  Growing organic food/plants in your FOODY, will benefit your budget as well as your overall Health & Wellness.

Eat Organic

17 Essential Reasons to Eat Organic Food

Minerals & Vitamins

For those who are concerned about obtaining adequate amounts of specific nutrients, it’s useful to know which foods contain what here is a partial list of plant based sources for minerals and vitamins.  Minerals & Vitamins

True Value of Nutrition

"If we are to understand the true value of nutrition, we must begin by considering the health value of whole foods, not the nutrient parts extracted from them. In that context it is whole, plant-based foods that express an effect that is far more then the sum of its parts. When done right, advanced heart disease can be cured, type 2 diabetes stopped and reversed, cancer can be prevented and, with some newer evidence, controlled after it appears. The range of diseases that can be prevented is more than impressive. The breadth and rapidity of the nutritional effect not only prevents disease but actually treats many of these diseases while restoring and maintaining health. The totality of these health effects are far more than almost anyone knows."  T. Collin Campbell Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell University.- Posted: October 25, 2010 Huffington Post


What is The China Study? 

It’s the largest comprehensive study of human nutrition ever conducted. It was launched via a partnership between Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine. The groundbreaking results from the study (and other influential nutrition research) recommend the best diet for long-term health.

See this 10 point 'cheat sheet' that provides a basic concept overview of the contents of this study.  Many know about the study but not enough people have actually read it!

See the 10 Point Cheat SheetPublished by well+Good September 23, 2011 and Distributed by Maynard S. Clark Building Vegetarian Culture

John A. McDougall, M.D.

Physician and nutrition expert who teaches better health through vegetarian cuisine. John A. McDougall, MD. has been studying, writing and "speaking out" about the effects of nutrition on disease for over 30 years.

Nutrient Chart - Download the PDF here!

This terrific Nutrient Function ~ Deficiency Symptom chart from Spectracell Labs is a great overview of vitamine, mineral and nutrient functions, sources and symptoms when deficiency occurs.  Use to guide you in your search for Health & Wellness.  Ask your doctor to use Spectracell for a full health panel testing.

GMO Chart

Graphical Chart depicting current GMO Statistics and Statuses.

HIPPOCRATES ~ 10 Rules to Live By

Hippocrates was a Greek Nutritionist, Physician and Surgeon who lived from approximately 460 B.C. until around 370 B.C. He is considered “The Father of Medicine” and is credited as being the first physician who believed that diseases were not caused by superstition or gods, but rather that diseases had natural causes.

Nutritional Guidelines

General Plant Based Nutritional Awareness guidlines on how and what to eat!

Cooks & Cookbooks

Here are some of our favorite 'cooks' and their cookbooks.  Visit their sites too!

Education Links

There are information links here to various Documentary movies (DVD's), web sites for furthering your knowledge about Plant Based Nutrition and Curative information regarding Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes 2.

Reference Sites

These are sites that provide supportive and/or additional informatoin to those listed in our Education Links.

Cookbook Library

This is a listing of Nancy's personal cookbook library. It is not required reading for your lifestyle change to a Plant Based diet, but will help guide you in your selection of interesting, informative and healthy information.

MSG Information

There has been a lot of information and dis-information about MSG and it's detrimental impact on health and wellbeing.  Here are some informative sites with information on how to identify and avoid MSG and it's derrivitaves.  Be aware that many processed foods may not be labeled as containing MSG when in fact they might. Many processed food companies don't even recognize some 'additives' they use as containing MSG or it derivitaves.

GMO Seeds to Avoid

When planting your spring/fall gardens, be wary of the seeds you use.  You may be inadvertently poluting the genetic line by planting GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds that can damage the environment and endanger your health.

Seeds for Your Garden

Since we have planted our Spring garden and it is doing so well, many friends and clients have asked us about seeds.  With all the proliferation of Genetically Modified crops, it is really hard to tell if you are getting true non-GMO seeds.  So much of our crop land is cross-polluted with GMO pollen, it is destroying our bio-diversity.


HappyCow's Veg*n Guide

Use Happy Cow!

So many people who attempt to live a lifestyle of a macrobiotic/vegetarian/vegan/raw-food diet find it difficult to navigate the public sector of fast food and restaurants who knowingly serve less than desirable, less healthy foods.  Well, we are experimenting!  We found that if you call ahead to a target resturant, many will accommodate and even excel with a meal presentation that is not on the menu!

When you want to search for a great Resturant - Use Happy Cow!

Health News

President Bill Clinton's conversion to a plant based diet and current news feeds of health and wellness related matters.